Some Basic Guidance On Rapid Methods For Women Fashion

Some Basic Guidance On Rapid Methods For Women Fashion

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I work on some aspect of every piece, if not all of it. I have an amazing part-time studio assistant who comes in when I need help with bigger wholesale orders. I often think if I lived in an area with more options for manufacturing, such as in Vancouver or Montreal, how my business may have developed differently. Living in the small town far from a major city has certainly impacted my business — mostly positively, I like to think. Q: What is the price point for your line? A: I have pieces such as organic cotton tank tops for $49, and the plant-dyed silk tops are around $138, though they may have to go up soon. So, it ranges from about $49-$150. I try not to make anything over $150.   A: My online shop, , and a new spring/summer line will be available in stores across Canada in March 2018. Is there more to this story?

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We went into a clothing store and they didn’t even have a M/L and I was annoyed so I told them I was taking a case of kombucha bc they had no clothes I could wear …

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